Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery, Before and After Butt Implants Pictures


Nicki Minaj plastic surgery has been an interesting topic. Pros and cons are inevitable. She has enhanced at least her boobs and butt via implants.


  1. Posted by changejackson, — Reply

    That is not Nicki in that first picture, Nicki had no face surgery there are pics of her when she was in highschool she still looks the same.

  2. Posted by nessthe1, — Reply

    I don’t understand half the women in Hollywood have fake body’s all the Kardashian, cardi b ,instagram models why do people just hate on nicki ? Atleast she was honest.

  3. Posted by ankeetadas9, — Reply

    Please yall its not even nicki(before pic) Yall stupid to think it Nicki 😒 n if u still believe its nicki u r a hate please get away from any post about her

  4. Posted by fifo376, — Reply

    I've seen many photos of Nicki when she was young, and I can tell ya thats not her! And so what if she did face surgeries(which she didn't) and got her boobs and ass done, we women(and men) can do whatever we want! how does that affect you?!

  5. Posted by buffbeautylab, — Reply

    The first is Vashtie. Similarly, like Nicki, she's also from Trinidad and is mixed black and Indian. They do resemble quite a bit

  6. Posted by LiziLizi34, — Reply

    Like in my opinion she looks better without surgery,she’s too dolled up like that,but than again, her life, her choices 🤷🏻‍♀️

  7. Posted by kalyseenore16, — Reply

    the before isn't her there are pictures of nicki at acting practice and highs school and her face looks the same

  8. Posted by SilverPeachez, — Reply

    The before picture is not Nicki with that being said she’s obviously had plastic surgery.

  9. Posted by savanneko, — Reply

    that before picture is Vashtie, not nicki lol

  10. Posted by heeyeeeeeeeeeyyyyy, — Reply

    That's definitely not Nicki in the first photo

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